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Andy Nyman has been working as an actor, writer and director in theatre, film and television for more than thirty years – and in that time, he’s learnt the hard way exactly what it takes to survive in the business. 

His bestselling book The Golden Rules of Acting and its follow-up,

More Golden Rules of Acting, are packed with real-world advice and encouragement, drawing on Andy’s own extensive experience.

They combine innovative design with short, punchy bullet points to get their message across in an accessible, totally memorable way.

These books…

  • won’t tell you how to act – but they will tell you how to be an actor

  • contain everything you need to know to stay sane and succeed in the acting profession

  • are written in easy-to-read nuggets

  • are for you!*

* assuming you are…

  • a working actor

  • a drama-school student

  • someone who wants to become an actor**

The Golden Rules of Acting book covers

** Or actually, anyone at all. As long as you have a dream and want to make it a reality.

Easy to dip into, fully illustrated throughout, and designed to be both instructive and empowering, these books are treasure troves of advice, support and encouragement that no performer should be without.

They’re also invaluable for anyone else – including creatives and freelancers – looking for advice on understanding who you are and how to keep your head together in your chosen field.

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